Hi. I'm Paul Sijben.

You want me on your team when you need someone who can act at the crossroads of technology development, business (development) and operation. I like to do that in close collaboration with others, as innovation is a contact sport, however if needed I can do so on my own. My role is generally called chief architect, system architect etc. You will find me to be a self-motivated very quick thinker who can also present, write down and if needed code what was thought out. I bring a very broad and deep knowledge of many areas of ICT, internet applications, internet services and telephony services, very good skills in writing technical documentation. I like to employ my skills in an environment with equally fast-thinking people with similar or supplementary skills to really create something new that adds value to people's lives.

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In my work I am driven to bring the best possible combination of technology and value at the best possible price and speed. To this end I work actively with stakeholders, project managers, team members and suppliers.

This is what I have been doing recently.

Large-scale webmail

Deployed webmail & email platforms for 20 million customers.


Voice App

Deployed voice app as extension to fixed-line telephone service.

Lead architect.

Business development, evangelizing &


My day job requires me to provide active input to the creation for new projects. Furthermore my side-project 12project.com allows me to remain hands-on with web-coding.

Embedded devices and IoT

In my free time I am getting my hand in with the possibilities enabled by cheap computing and networking, such as Raspberry Pi and Arduino.

High-end audio

A hobby that got out of hand; I am the Q-branch of Vocal Band Experience, a 12 person acapella band with microphones and technical effects.

As this is a novel activity there is a lack of technical means to control these effects wirelessly from the stage. So I developed them. My upcoming website x-devices.nl will be dedicated to that.

Want more insight in what I have done?

See my resume

My resume.


Liberty Global

Architect "connectivity"
October 2015 – current

TechLead: Architecture, strategy and design on consumer email solution for all the EU affiliates (20M mailboxes).

Ziggo BV

Architect Internet Communication Applications
April 2012 – September 2015

Architecture, strategy and design on voice and ISP applications, software services and infrastructures.

12 project

Senoir software architect
Summer 2012 - current

Develop innovative internet service.


Infrastructure Architect
October 2010 – April 2012

Enterprise scale infrastructure evaluation, architecture, design and advise. Agile software development and architectures.
Technical and organizational coordination with hosting partner & development teams on operational issues and future developments.

Perzonae Unified Communications

Founder, General manger, CTO and chief architect
January 2008 - January 2010

Finalization and deployment of innovative middleware and Unified Communicaton Platform for which I hired a small team of developers.

I had to complete the complex distributed scalable architecture (software architecture and infrastructure architecture) that comes with designing and deploying such a service.

With this function naturally comes evangelizing the technology and business with passion.

The revolutionary service was completed but attempts at marketing it have been halted due to the economic situation.

EemValley Technology

Founder, consultant, architect, designer, business development
April 2004 - current

EemValley was founded to do two things:

1. Development of innovative Unified Communicaton platform
2. Interesting consultancy projects to fund (1)

The communications platform required a very complex architecture to be developed and a matchingdistributed middleware to be developed.

The consultancy activities were on next-generation telecommunications networks for Voice and Multimedia over IP; writing of standards, vision creation, development of businessmodels and security analysis and design. As well as evangelization & education on next generation telecommunication networks.

Some projects I worked on:

  • Development of specifications for Mobile Geolocation services (HiGrids) and runningof the technical trial (MBIX.nl).
  • Expert to European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI):
    STF291 on next generation services (2005) and
    STF292 on NGN security analysis (2005 & 2006).
  • Report for Cyburg: “What does it take to get Good video telephony” (2005)
  • Reports for Amsterdam CityNet: “Wholesale Bandwidth for Next-Generation True OpenBroadband Access Networks” (2005) and “IP Addressing in Open Access True Broadband Residential Networks” (2004)


Chief Technology Officer, chief architect
August 2002 – April 2004

Developed technical strategy and vision. Headed research, development and technical operations.

This resulted in the first WiFiroaming platform in the Netherlands
(and one of the first in the world), interconnected with KPN Mobile andits international subsidiaries.

Lucent Technologies (Bell-Labs)

Distinguished Member of Technical Staff
May 1997 – July 2002

Research and development of standards for next-generation telecommunications networks for Voice and Multimedia over IP.

Development of strategy and business models for next-generation networks.

Main architect & protocol expert on the ETSI-TIPHON project on next-generation converged networks. This was a complex future-proof redesign of telecommunications services into the Internet age.

Co-creator & contributor to the IETF-MEGACO workgroup on media gateway control.

Co-editor on the IETF-MIDCOM workgroup on firewall control.

Universiteit Twente

PhD student (AIO)
May 1993-may 1997

Researching and programming multimedia extensions for operating systems.

Coaching students and system administrators on UNIX and Internet services.

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